Who is Terika?

Terika is the CEO of Let's Just Treasure, 37 years old, and has BPD, PTSD, OCD, and is a single mom. She loves her kids, considers herself a professional home cook, and helping others. Some of the things that are affected by her conditions are the ability to believe in herself, trusting others, and fear of being wrong.Some of the gifts of her conditions is the ability run numbers and find profit and losses, attention to detail, and helping others get what they need.

What does Terika want?

Your support, more artists, and growth of the company. Her biggest goal right now is creating a catalog for sales to Powell's bookstore! In the future she hopes to do a podcast with her best friend, book on her life, and maybe even one day a food truck!

What are we doing for her?

Terika...is ME! So I'm taking everything a day at a time, but in the meantime I have my own line of art! Putting it on stickers, magnets, pins, prints, shirts, and more!

What is available now?

We are still working on setting up the catalog, but until then...

Please check out our product page for how to order product from this designer!