About Rose

 ---   Rose chooses to NOT have a picture right now!--

Who is Rose?

Rose is 12 year old with anxiety .She loves watching Anime, art, and Macaroni and cheese. One of the things that are affected is her nervousness to try new things. Some of her gifts are her attention to detail for her shading and ability to create anything she sets out to do, usually on the first try.

What does Rose want?

She's isn't sure yet. Design video games maybe, cook maybe. For now she wants to do her art and get it out there, full of fun and laughter and a non to the serious. Usually with a quirky smirk.

What are we doing for her?

She does her own art. After she has a piece done some small touch ups are done by the pros just to clean up some lines or give some dimension and then its placed on stickers, shirts and more!

What is available now?

We are still working on setting up the catalog, but until then...

Please check out our Design page...

For immediately orders please Contact us about Prices and details for Stickers, Shirts, Fine Art Prints, Pins, Hoodies, Pillows, and Canvas Prints. If you have anything else in mind please let us know and we hope to help you out!