Merlyn's chooses to NOT have a picture right now!--


Who is Merlyn?

Merlyn is 9 year old with ASD, ADHD, DCD, and Dyslexia. He loves watching documentaries about angels and space on YouTube, dinosaurs and army men. Some of the things that are affected by his conditions are the ability to read or hear sounds in the middle of words. Some of the gifts of his conditions are his extravagant imagination and the ability to make very precise and thought out decisions.

What does Merlyn want?

He wants the ability to put his ideas into designs and then turn those designs into story books for kids and adults. Books about people who are different physically or mentally. He also would really like to do a YouTube Channel!

What are we doing for him?

We listen to his ideas and turn them into reality. He wants a gummy shark riding a sundae? We did that! He wanted a banana with a silly face done! We now have 5 different designs for him and are working on a 6th! We are hoping put out a book by the end of 2022.

What is available now?

We are still working on setting up the catalog, but until then...

Please check out his Design page!