Lex chooses to NOT have a picture right now!--

Who is Lex?

Lex is 19 yrs old and has ASD. She loves anime, drawing, and creepy cute things. Some of the things that are affected by her conditions are the ability to navigate social situtions, and do many things by herself due to anxiety. Some of the gifts of her conditions are her ability to see the cute in the creepy and her attention to detail.

What does Lex want?

She's still figuring that out, but right now she is enjoying turning her designs into coloring books and pins!

What are we doing for her?

She is an amazing artist on her own. We punch up the colors a bit for her and put them on top rated stickers, shirts, and pins! We are hoping to get a coloring book out for her by summer 2022.

What is available now?

We are still working on setting up the catalog, but until then...

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