1. Who is Let's Just Treasure

Let's Just Treasure is a one woman operation with 4 artists under them at this time. LJT iis in the Portland, Or Metro area and supports all members of BIPOC, LGBTQ+, neurodivergence, people with disabilities, those with mental illness, single parents, low income and more.

2. What are we trying to do?

We are trying to bring confidence, recognition, and even some money to the socially unexpected artist.

3. What is an unexpected artist?

An Unexpected artist is someone who people don't expect to be an artist because they are judging by the cover of a book. Artists come in all fashion and sometimes the art is just a thought, and idea. We bring actual designs and concepts to life for them. These might be children or seniors, Autism or ADHD, people with disabilities or mental illness, low income or single parents.

4. What do you do for them?

Our process works 1 of two ways. Either we take their designs and put them up in our catalog (coming soon), or we listen to what they have to say and create the design for them. This is STILL THEIR DESIGN. They still get the recognition. Their designs will get sold online, vendor events, and the skies limit as we grow. For right now the idea is for designs to be sold as stickers and magnets, paper and canvas prints, shirts and hoodies, and pins. BUT we are always taking recommendations for more!

4. How does one become an artist for Let's Just Treasure?

We are still working on an application process, but in the mean time tell us about you or the person you are supporting on our contact page. Out of state is perfectly fine. If they can carry on a conversation or communicate in some fashion they are not too young or out of our reach. At the end of the day these are THEIR designs. We have two rules: no widely established artist, they must not have other avenues they can go to. (i.e. a lot of money, use reason for this).

5. Are you a non profit?

No we are not a non profit and YES the artists get a cut. We are still working on an artists cut page so if you have any questions are what an artist might get per piece please reach us on our contact page.

6. Will you tell us about you?

Sure! My name is Terika , I am a single mom with a degree in business and specialty in marketing. I grew up in South Carolina thinking I was going to be a writer when I "grew up". Instead my path has been a little crooked, restaurant industry, sales, para-transport, entrepreneur (fancy word for small business owner), and graphic designer. My childhood wasn't the best and that lead me down a path I could have made better decisions on. As an adult I find myself with bipolar disorder, anxiety, PTSD, and kids with ASD (autism), ADHD, gender dysphoria, and more. I saw my kids with this and knew they had a road ahead of them, but they were all creative with their own talents. I took a look at myself and knew that a 9-5 job wasn't going to work for me with kids that had needs I couldn't be away from. So here we are. But for a more in depth and uncensored look at Let's Just Treasure please check out our story page.